Update: Build Alpha 01.03 – Procedural terrain and more.

Some time ago i talked about the future of Hostile Sector, with a persistent world and base building. I also said it’s going to take a while to get there. It’s still going to.
But the latest build at least gives a taste of this future, with missions that have procedurally generated terrain.
I’ve selected a few of the terrain segments generated by the engine, and created a ”Patrol” mission. The game will randomly select one of these terrain segments and the goal is to eliminate all enemies.
They replace the former missions that you played when you selected ”Play Now” and chose to start a solo mission (except for the first time, when you will still get the ”Tutorial”).
Likewise multiplayer games will also use them.

Procedural Terrain
As you can see, the landscape currently is quite hilly. I’ve adjusted so that small slopes don’t give you an AP penalty when moving over them, and raised the maximum slope soldiers can traverse to accomodate for this.
View range is also affected by this, and you will notice that you can see much farther from the top of a hill, than down in a valley. Use ”V” to see what you squad can see.
There’s also more trees in these missions. You might have noticed trees not only obscure the soldiers’ sight, but also the players. By pressing ”L”, you can remove the leaves of the trees to keep track of your soldiers if they wander into a forest.

Other notable changes:
Shader fix that hopefully will reduce the number of crashes that some graphics cards produce.
The game remembers the graphical settings from last time.
More suitable image for the launcher.
Protective armor is now worn correctly in the customization screen.

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