Public Alpha 0.5

The first public alpha was released today. See below for release notes. I’m working on improving the log in sequence, but for now:
If you don’t already have an account, press ”log in”, and then ”register”, to create an account.
If you have an account, just click ”Play!” in the menu, and follow the instructions.


You can start missions through the mission interface.

Currently 4 missions are available. 2 skirmish type missions called Crossroads and Swamp. And 2 story type missions called Tutorial and Hidden Brass. Tutorial will give you some hints on how to play the game.

You can manage your troops in the Squads interface by dragging soldiers between squads.
You can customize soldiers with items bought at the store or found on the battlefield.
You can upgrade your soldiers skills when they level up.
You can upgrade your base when you level up.
You can add and remove friends
You can chat globally using the console.

Other notes:
Unfortunately, a problem with multiplayer was discovered too late to be fixed for this release. Thus the ‘Play Now’ function and multiplayer altogether has had to be postponed. Hopefully it will be up early next week.


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