New build

A new build has been uploaded, hopefully solving the problem many players have had when having created a new mission and trying to play it. So if you’ve had trouble playing the game before, try again now!

It also adds additional robustness to the network communication.

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What the future holds.

A short mission update on the current status of the game, and what is to come.
I’m working on a couple of new features, so there hasn’t been any updates in a while. It also seems like quite a few people are having problems playing the game.
If you’ve had any problems whatsoever playing the game, don’t hesitate to contact me, or to write about it in the forums. Grabbing any text from dialogs, other logs, or describing what you were doing would help me immensly in finding and correcting these problems.
So, i mentioned something about new features;

There is this big thing i’m working on that will be introduced in a few steps. The end product will be a procedurally generated persistent world, with ever on going flowing battles (or so i picture it anyways).
The first step will be home bases. Placed somewhere in the world, each player will get a place of their own.
Base upgrades bought will be reflected in this scene, and you will be able to deploy your troops there. Eventually, you’ll be able to put your mark on the base in different ways.
Your base might also be attacked by ai troops from time to time.

The next step will include attacking other players bases (and defending your own from them). This will be introduced together with some kind of travel mode for your soldiers, and the ability to form companies together with other players.

The third step will be the global map, moving between sectors on it, capturing and holding them. Some kind of resources will come into play as well. Hold them, and reap the rewards.

As you can tell, it’s a pretty big feature set. The good news is a lot of the basic bits are in place already. But it will still require a substantial amount of time to get them ”playable”.
I will write something longer about this in the near future.

What more is there?

*Vehicles is another thing that has always been on my ”must have” list. They have been prototyped in the past, but there are still a few things to flesh out, design wise.

*More solo/story missions. The plan is to have a continous story line, with missions, or mission sets added along the way.

Well, that will have to do it for now. 🙂


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New build up (Alpha 0.61)


Another build has been uploaded. Mostly UI and stability fixes this time around.
However, the notable naming bug seems to be fixed, so new players no longer have to have almost all soldiers named ”John Doe” anymore. As for existing players, recruiting new soldiers have always given them a correct names.

When the game crashes, you should now get a dialog popup. If you do, please post it in the forum or email me (you can find the address on the contacts page). It would help the effort to increase stability, greatly!

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Server side fix for Play Now

Just made a server side fix, where solo missions launched through the Play Now interface wouldn’t load correctly.
If you’ve experienced problems with this, please have another go.

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0.6 Multiplayer Build

”Play Now” button introduced again, making for easier game creation. With comes also.. multiplayer!
The matchmaker is currently run once a minute, and player count is rather low, so don’t expect too much of it yet. However, you can easily start a solo mission through the same interface, if it turns out you’re alone.

A number of hotfixes were done on the server during the week:
Fixed bug where Swamp wouldn’t change side properly
Fixed bug where firing at Fire-at-triggers didn’t work (Thus making Tutorial impossible to finish)
Fixed bug where solo missions were deleted too soon.
Fixed bug where soldiers with no weapon (if the storage is full) wouldn’t not show up when recruited.

The initial deployment failed, but the build is now up and running. If you had problems downloading the build, please try again.

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Public Alpha 0.5

The first public alpha was released today. See below for release notes. I’m working on improving the log in sequence, but for now:
If you don’t already have an account, press ”log in”, and then ”register”, to create an account.
If you have an account, just click ”Play!” in the menu, and follow the instructions.


You can start missions through the mission interface.

Currently 4 missions are available. 2 skirmish type missions called Crossroads and Swamp. And 2 story type missions called Tutorial and Hidden Brass. Tutorial will give you some hints on how to play the game.

You can manage your troops in the Squads interface by dragging soldiers between squads.
You can customize soldiers with items bought at the store or found on the battlefield.
You can upgrade your soldiers skills when they level up.
You can upgrade your base when you level up.
You can add and remove friends
You can chat globally using the console.

Other notes:
Unfortunately, a problem with multiplayer was discovered too late to be fixed for this release. Thus the ‘Play Now’ function and multiplayer altogether has had to be postponed. Hopefully it will be up early next week.


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Public Alpha Begins

Public Alpha Testing is set to begin this Sunday! At 12.00 UT you will be able to enter the server and start playing the game, for free. No download needed prior to playing, just create an account.
And speaking of which, you can already create one and start interacting with others in the forums.

I hope to see you on the servers!

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New Website

The website has just received a facelift! Stay tuned for more news, soon.

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