New update


A fresh update has just been uploaded to the server. Lately there haven’t been many new features added, but it’s been more of an effort to enhance what’s already in the game, before adding new stuff.

Focus is on making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable, and fixing bugs that detract from the game experience. There’s still some way to go, but there should definitely be a big improvement compared to a couple of months ago.

This latest build fixes a bug with fog being added to the scene for each new mission, but never removed, resulting in a Silent Hill-esque experience after a while.

Also, a bug had snuck in that seemed to hang the game the first time a mission was played.

A new vegetation system was added a couple of builds ago, with more varied trees (still more to come on that front). More effects and smoother animations has also been added.

Some notable things on the engine (jMonkeyEngine) side include a faster UI system, and hardware skinning on characters. This should equal better performance.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of a new mission in the making, with an urban theme.


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