New maps, bug fixes

This week i’ve spent some time working on the procedural map generator. It now creates more object types, and two different kinds of populated places, rural and urban. With that said, the architects still have some things to learn about city planning..

It now also produces a few destroyed buildings, that are more interesting for gameplay. My biggest problem with it right now, and stopping me from applying it wider is handling height differences in populated places. There is some functionality there to account for it, but there sometimes still occur big slopes in the middle of ”streets”.

With the new missions, i decided to replace the old generated maps, with these, that are more interesting, as well as take ”swamp” and ”crossroads” back into the rotation for ”Patrol” missions. Here’s a shot from one of the new maps:

New map


The build also contains a few fixes;

A shader bug, vLightDir not being consistent across the shaders.

Proper feedback when login fails.

I’d also like to remind you of the ”View” function. Pressing ”V” will show you what the selected squad can see, and if they can fire at what they see. Green representing tiles that are possible to attack, and the lightness of the tile shows how well they see it (or rather, how difficult it is to spot an enemy in it). Example:

view function

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