Hostile Sector is a squad-level, turn based online combat game, that mixes tactical depth with rpg elements and soldier-level customization options.
The player takes on the role as a platoon commander in a para-military force, in a fictious modern-era conflict. Rewards earned in battle can be used to buy new equipment and weapons for the soldiers. Not all equipment is purely practical though, vanity items allow the soldiers to stand out on the battlefield.
In addition to soldiers, each player has a base to develop and maintain. New building upgrades become available with experience and each building brings their own benefits or opens up new gameplay areas. Staff advisors give the player temporary benefits and officers allow the troops to take initiative on their own.
We want to make Hostile Sector accessible to all different kinds of player types, both those with loads of time on their hands, as well as to those with less time, but more patience.


The roads to glory are many:
Players looking for a quick game can play challenges against other players, or play one of the story-driven solo missions. Those wishing to be more deeply involved can join the global multiplayer campaign and truly prove their worth. Take control over geographical resources to strengthen your team and base.
Those feeling sociable (or vulnerable) can create a company together with up to 9 other players, and coordinate their efforts for better effect.



Hostile Sector aims to bring great tactical depth to gameplay into an online environment, and on the battlefield there are many things to consider:

  • Players only see what their soldiers see. Terrain, weather and day and night cycles come into play, as well as individual soldiers’ perception skills.
  • Heights are advantageous as scouting positions, but they can be tricky to get to and escape routes might be limited.
  • Picking the right equipment for the job can be crucial. The TMP might be a cheap sub-machine gun, but how realiable is it, really? And what about the dispersion on the AK-47? Hitting with the first bullet is not always enough…
  • Frontal assaults are so WW1; flanking is much more beneficial. But how easy is that when the opponent tries to do the same thing?
  • Bringing a heavy machine gun or mortar to the battlefield might give a serious benefit in firepower, but it’s best to bring some support for them, and place them in a good spot or they’ll be sitting ducks as they’re cumbersome to move.
  • Using grenades, or other arcing weapons, is an excellent way to get to soldiers behind cover.