Holiday Update


There’s no new features in this update (despite the season), but there’s however been quite a lot of maintenance and bug-fixing going on. Apart from things that should speed things up on the server-side, i’ve also tried to fix a couple of long-lasting bugs that seem to affect quite a lot out there.

One that has been fixed (fingers crossed), is the notorious dodgy tutorial practise targets that seemed to evade the best of shots. This was due to shots sometimes terminating prematurely, which should lead to other problems as well. It proved tricky to reproduce, since my own soldiers usually have automatic weapons where the amount of bullets neutralized the effect.

Another tricky one is, as far as the logs tell  me, a lot of players launch a new mission, but don’t seem to do anything after that. I’ve assumed some bug occurred that prevented them from continuing, and have gone through the deployment process to try to find errors. In the best case, i’ve fixed the issue through ui and ”robustness” fixes (although i’m not sure). In the worst case, it’s a threading issue where on some machines (and not mine), things happen in the wrong order, making soldiers not appearing in the mission (even though it’s fine on the server). If this is the case, relaunching the mission should fix the problem.

If you have any further info on this matter, please leave some feedback so i have a better idea on where to look!

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