Friday Update: Build 01.05


Not so many content updates in todays build, but still big news;

First of all, the Hostile Sector server has been moved to Germany. Hopefully a more central (in Europe) location will benefit all international players, but mostly those in Europe. So if you’ve experienced bad latency and response times (no matter you location), it might be a good time to try it out again. It might still take a while for all DNS’s to update, so if you can’t reach, you won’t be able to play the game yet, either. The move seems to have worked fine, but if you notice any problems, please report them.

The other piece of news is i’ve synced up the changes made to the engines by the guys and gals (and community) over at Most notably, there’s a potential fix for a shader crash happening on Mac’s (and i believe on Linux as well). In general, things feel a bit smoother, too.

Another minor change is that due to players (on Mac, i think) having troubles typing the @ sign, i’ve made it so that you can also login using your nickname. That will have to do until i track down the problem.

One last thing; If you’d like to get byte-sized news and pieces of information, as-they-happen, i recommend you to follow @HostileSector on Twitter. I try to make sure everything related to the game, but perhaps not big enough to become an entire post ends up there.

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