Cover Icons (Build 01.06.00)

Icons representing cover grade has been in fashion in games the last couple of years, so i decided to add a first version to Hostile Sector as well. In HS, there are two types of cover; Tile Cover, which is uni directional, and could be general rubble, trees or other things that can be found inside a tile. Right now, forests provide the highest Tile Cover in the game. The other kind of cover is Directional Cover, and are different kinds of low walls, or in some cases, adjacent tiles to items blocking a whole tile. These (currently) always give the same kind of cover and halve the chance of hitting someone behind them. In other words, it’s pretty good to stay behind them.

Now, those have been in the game for ages, but it’s been difficult to know for players. Enter cover icons! If a squad is in a tile with cover, a small shield (how original!) will show up above them. This will have different color depending on the cover value. Red, bad cover. Orange, a little better cover. Yellow, decent cover. Green, good cover. Blue, excellent cover.
Directional cover is a bit misrepresented right now, as it will show up as orange (but will look better the more sides that are covered). But then again, it won’t help at all if the enemy shows up behind  you.

Image showing cover representing icon

Two opposing squads, one with a directional cover (orange). The other is inside a Forest tile, giving them slightly better, an uni directional cover.

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