Hostile Sector closed down

Hi.   Hostile Sector has been closed down for new users. The server will remain up for existing users for some time longer. It may appear again but only when it has received a serious overhaul.   Thanks to those

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New maps, bug fixes

This week i’ve spent some time working on the procedural map generator. It now creates more object types, and two different kinds of populated places, rural and urban. With that said, the architects still have some things to learn about

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New update

Hi. A fresh update has just been uploaded to the server. Lately there haven’t been many new features added, but it’s been more of an effort to enhance what’s already in the game, before adding new stuff. Focus is on

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Gmail problems..

Hi. It seems that there have been some problems during the last couple of weeks (months?) where people registering with a gmail account (and possibly others as well) didn’t receive their account confirmation link and password. This problem has now

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Cover Icons (Build 01.06.00)

Icons representing cover grade has been in fashion in games the last couple of years, so i decided to add a first version to Hostile Sector as well. In HS, there are two types of cover; Tile Cover, which is

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Holiday Update

Hi. There’s no new features in this update (despite the season), but there’s however been quite a lot of maintenance and bug-fixing going on. Apart from things that should speed things up on the server-side, i’ve also tried to fix

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Friday Update: Build 01.05

Hey, Not so many content updates in todays build, but still big news; First of all, the Hostile Sector server has been moved to Germany. Hopefully a more central (in Europe) location will benefit all international players, but mostly those

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Update: Build Alpha 01.03 – Procedural terrain and more.

Some time ago i talked about the future of Hostile Sector, with a persistent world and base building. I also said it’s going to take a while to get there. It’s still going to. But the latest build at least

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New build and features

Hey! It’s time for another update. As usual there are a few UI tweaks, but also a few things that will fix issues with some graphics cards (unfortunately are not all reported crashes fixed). A new feature this time around

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New features in Build 01.01.125

Apart from the stabilization fixes over the last weeks and the downloadable versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, todays build also adds a new gameplay feature. For the first mission every day, your soldiers will gain two times the normal

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